Jaffa Cakes


Is it a cake or a biscuit?  I Don’t care as I don’t particularly like them. However yesterday while visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park with Creative Art Courses.


 I met a like minded person interested in baking.  We were discussing are favourite recipes when Jaffa cakes came up in the conversation, mainly as our other halves loved them. So we have been set a challenge to create our own version.  

I’m busy looking for a jelly recipe for the orange bit, but I am wondering if I could actually use powdered jelly and set that, would it be the same? 



Practice Bake


Well I’m really excited as things are moving towards baking being in my life. I’ve had lots of orders from friends for cakes. Thank you to all who have believed in my skills, and cannot wait for more.

Meanwhile I am baking bread this Sunday for PrestBake Community Bakery and will be doing proper baking hours, by getting up at 3am.
Myself, Chris (@eekychimp) & Mary-Ellen (@_aumbry) will be baking Sourdough & Farmhouse loaves for the first of the fortnightly bakes.

Go on order your Real Bread …. you know you want to…

Cake International V Cake & Bake


Up until a few weeks ago I was undecided about going to The Cake & Bake show (Mcr). I had been to Cake International (Mcr) beginning of March and another show only a month later was a bit too soon.

However by the end of March there was an offer on for half price tickets for The Cake & Bake, so who could resist.

Cake International
Reasonably priced tickets and a nice clear show guide at a good price.
I was disappointed that they had only taken up half of Event City. I have given them the benefit of the doubt, that as this is the first one in Manchester they could either not get the stall holders or it was too close to The Cake and Bake show. However this made it very crowed later on.
Definatly the best bit about this show, was all the variety of cakes you could get inspiration from. This ranged from young aspiring sugar crafter’s to the very experienced.
Worst bit the crowding and only having one free demonstration area was a bit of a nightmare as lots of people struggling to see, even with the usual screens.

The Cake & Bake
Prices for tickets Medium. I’m glad that they had an offer on for a short while otherwise I would not have gone. However this mainly due to the fact I had spent on Cake International only one month ago.
Show guide was double the price of Cake International and was a black and white news style guide. However also received a bag, some ready-made icing and the day’s Telegraph. Although for me only the bag was useful.
The venue was very spacious and did not get crowded at all, even with the four free demonstration areas to go to. I was able to pick up lots of recipes to take home and taste quite a few wares, which was a big plus.
Down side was not a lot of cakes to inspire to.

Overall had a good day at both shows, but my preference would be Cake International.
So if your reading more demo areas please Cake International. Also when talking to some of the stall holder’s they also mentioned the show’s were too close together. However nice to see stalls I had not seen a month ago and it was strange not to see PME at either show.

Oh what a night


It’s comic relief day. I said I would make cakes…so at 4pm after I had been shopping for butter, I started in earnest.

I decided I would also make some biscuits but decorate them in a flooding technique, which I watched only that morning. Here it is if you fancy trying> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9wEILJshpU.

Anyway I did those first as it would be chilling for an hour (wish I was). I then started on the chocolate cupcakes then the vanilla cupcakes. Then back to the biscuits.

Got to bed at 20 past 11. Then I woke up at 2.30am because my biscuits were crying out ‘give me a face’.
Flooded biscuits

Up at 6am to finish off by putting faces on chocolate ones. Hope it’s all worth it and they raise lots.

Vanilla spot      Closer      Chocolate noses



I went shopping today to get some cream cheese for a savory version of a pancake. It always surprises me that people actually pick up the ready-made version in a bottle of pancake mix.

Now I know we all have busy lives and are rushing around, but pancake mix!! I got mine ready before breakfast, flour, nice fresh eggs, milk bit of salt and then left it in the fridge ready for the onslaught of making after a busy day.

Better than milk powder, egg powder, more powder…

So I’m just wondering can you get addicted to additives and E numbers? Let me know